The three adventurers


A warrior, who is the lead character of the party. He is honest, generous, and always willing to help. In combat, he prefers the bow or sword, but can wield other weapons (such as club or mace) as well. He likes wine, but his true love is Princess Almveig.


A dwarven warrior with deep voice and a good heart. He has the greatest physical strength in the party. He likes gold and expensive jewelry, and wealth is a serious motivation for his deeds. Occasionally, his greed gets him into trouble. He wields a large double headed axe, which can do a lot of damage. As much as Grunrund loves his wealth, he loves beer even more.


A wizard, who believes himself to be the master of magic. His spells usually fail, but he is amazingly ignorant of this fact. When he is performing magic and a lucky event occurs, he believes he is responsible even when he is not.