Frequently Asked Questions

1. I'm stuck. I've no idea how to win the current mission. What can I do?

First of all, make sure that you're playing at your desired difficulty level. When the "Mission failed" window appears, you may see the following text: "You are playing in hard mode." If you don't see this text, then your difficulty is set to NORMAL.

About changing the difficulty level, please see Question 7.

If you are stuck, we encourage you to visit our Facebook or Google+ page, where you can discuss the game with other players. Please also see Question 5 and 6.

2. Can I skip the worldmap screen (the travel animation)?

Yes. After the worldmap appears, just press the Back button of your device. Your next mission will start loading immediately.

3. Some cutscenes are long, and I don't want to watch them again when a mission is restarted. What can I do?

Longer cutscenes can usually be skipped, as long as you've watched them before. Just touch the screen after the cutscene starts, and press "Skip cutscene". If there is no such button, then the current cutscene cannot be skipped. Note that cutscenes at the end of completed missions cannot be skipped even if you've watched them before. If you wish to jump to the next mission, please use the Replay Missions menu.

4. The game is too hard even at NORMAL difficulty. Do you have a walkthrough? Any hints?

For hints, please see Question 5. Additionally, you are more than welcome to visit our Facebook or Google+ page, where you can discuss the game with other players. Regarding the walkthrough, please see Question 6.

5. Can you give me some general hints for playing?

A few guidelines:
    a) Some challenges can be very tricky. Therefore, your actions should be very accurate. Don't give up an idea just because it didn't seem to work in its current form. For example, if you decide to ignite a forest fire to destroy some villains, and only a few of them are killed, it doesn't necessarily mean that it was a bad idea. In fact, it may imply that you are on the right track, and you only need to cast the same spell at a different time or location, or to combine it with another spell.
    b) Don't forget that you can pause the game at any time. In some situations, there is very little time to act. When you need to cast two or three spells simultaneously, you should pause the game after each spell. This enables you to choose their targets without losing time.
    c) Your magical spells can influence the world in very many ways. Some actions may prove to be dead ends. Moreover, keep in mind that the adventurers are usually clumsy and unthoughtful. You shouldn't rely on their decisions or actions.

6. Is there a walkthrough available?

There is no official walkthrough available, but you are free to create and share your own, or ask other players for guidance on our Facebook or Google+ page.

7. How can I change the difficulty level without starting a new game?

In Save the Adventurers, starting a new game doesn't disable your previously completed missions. Therefore, if you want to change the difficulty, just start a new game from the main menu, and choose the new difficulty level. When the Tutorial has started, just return to the main menu, click Replay Missions, and start your desired mission.

Note that you cannot change the difficulty level in the middle of a mission. That is, if you change the difficulty, you have to restart the mission of your choice.

8. When I tap the game area to cast a spell, it doesn't work sometimes. What can I do?

First of all, make sure that the spell is selected (highlighted) in your toolbar. If it still doesn't work, then your tap might be "consumed" by the touchscreen. That is, your tap to cast the spell was interpreted in a different way (e.g. it was used to stop your rapid scrolling). This can happen after or during a rapid scrolling of the game area, especially if you have suddenly scrolled to the border of the game area. More technically, in these cases, your tap is interpreted as a part of a touchscreen gesture. Solution: try casting the spell again. Make sure that your screen isn't scrolling (e.g. due to a so-called "fling" gesture you've made).

9. I resumed the game, and the game area seems to be frozen. What can I do?

It's paused only. You might have paused your game previously, or you're in help mode. In the first case, press the highlighted pause button on the toolbar. This will unpause the game. In the second case, deactivate the help mode by pressing the "?" button on the toolbar. Note that it's also possible that the game is in help mode and was also (explicitly) paused. In this case, deactivate the help mode first and then unpause the game with the toolbar.

10. A spell icon remained "grayed out" after I have cast the spell. It shows that the spell is still active, but I think its effect has already ended in the game area.

The effect probably hasn't ended yet. Check if your game is paused (with the pause button on the toolbar). If it's paused, unpause it, and wait until the spell icon becomes enabled again.

11. I'm stuck in a mission. The toolbar is available, but nothing happens in the game. What shall I do?

Make sure that the game isn't paused and the help mode isn't active. If nothing happens in the game even after a minute, you should restart the current mission from the Replay Missions menu. You can open the Replay Missions menu from the main menu screen.

12. The game is mute, or only a few sound effects are played. I haven’t muted my device, and haven't muted the game either (the sound icon in the top right corner of the main menu is not red). What can I do?

Every application that plays sounds needs to reserve audio resources from your device. When an application isn’t active, it should release these audio resources. Unfortunately, some third-party applications don’t release them. This prevents other legitimate applications (such as Save the Adventurers) from reserving audio resources for their sounds. (Save the Adventurers doesn’t follow this practice. When you switch to another application or quit the game, we release the audio resources immediately.) Therefore, if the game doesn’t play its sounds correctly, try the following: reboot your device, and resume the game. If the problem returns again later, you should check what other third-party games or applications you're running in the background. One of them might be holding audio resources illegitimately. In such a case, you should contact the developer or uninstall the application. (Note that when you quit an Android application, it isn’t actually removed from the memory. Therefore, quitting an application via its main menu doesn’t guarantee that audio resources are freed. If it keeps holding them illegitimately, only a device reboot or a process kill from a task manager will remove it from the memory.)

13. The Invisibility spell works on creatures and bridges. Why doesn't it work on other objects (such as buildings or trees)?

The power of your Invisibility spell is limited to mortal creatures. Its effect on bridges is an additional benefit, which was granted by your cousin, the God of Rivers.

14. The game started to load much slower. What can I do?

It is probably caused by your device or a third-party application that is running on it. Try rebooting the device. If it doesn't help, examine if you have installed any third-party applications after the problem began to occur.