About the game

Three clumsy adventurers...

Save the Adventurers is a difficult adventure game with tricky challenges. You're a god who aids three clumsy adventurers (Adalwulf, Grunrund, and Zeludonius) throughout their journeys. The game takes place in a mythological world with knights, wizards, trolls, and other creatures. In brief, you must find the correct combination of your spells to protect the silly adventurers. Each mission is a riddle in some way.

...and a weakened god

The backstory of the game is as follows: in the age of mythology, you are a god who lost confidence in yourself, because your followers abandoned you, and started worshipping another god. The goal is to regain your self-confidence, and thus your magical power, by repeatedly saving three inept adventurers in perilous situations.

Genre of the game

Save the Adventurers is a combination of an adventure game and a god game. Unlike classic god games, where you influence a large population, this game offers a god view into the life of three adventurers. Instead of controlling the adventurers directly, you can influence their decisions and chances through their environment only.